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May 21, 2021 | Admin

We apologize for the issues with tonight's This Time Around Acoustic streaming concert. We were partnering with a new streaming vendor for ticketed streaming concerts, in hopes it would resolve past problems, unfortunately they enouncted a technical glitch with their platform which casued many attendees to be kicked and or experience a low quality stream.  A full and uninterrupted version of the conceert will be posted up after the conclusion of tonights the show for you to enjoy.

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Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US


Thank you! I couldn't even access the concert at first, so I missed the first 15 minutes of the show

Posted May 21, 2021   09:31:09 PM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB


Thank you 

Posted May 21, 2021   09:31:12 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US


How long will it be up for? 

Posted May 21, 2021   09:34:28 PM


Rachel Baker / Auckland, Auckland, NZ


I missed almost the entire thing!  It better replay!

Posted May 21, 2021   09:34:42 PM


Julie Marion / Stilwell, Ok, US


Posted May 21, 2021   09:38:25 PM


Ashley Storey / Enterprise, Alabama, US

Thanks for acknowledging this so quickly and working to rectify it. :)

Posted May 21, 2021   09:40:07 PM


bronwyn lee huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU


Thank you I missed the whole concert except the last 2 songs  - I don’t blame Hanson or anyone at 3CG I blame for the problems 

Posted May 21, 2021   09:49:23 PM


Jessica Yost / Alexandria, VA, US

2 3 2

Thanks so much! Finally got in 55 minutes into the show, was nice having fellow Fansons here to chat with. 

Posted May 21, 2021   09:50:18 PM


Lindsay Adorjan / Frederick, MD, US

Thank you

Posted May 21, 2021   09:54:08 PM


I don’t see anyone blaming the band... I was able to log in as they were walking off stage 😞

Posted May 21, 2021   09:55:45 PM


Lindsay Gresh / Fletcher, North Carolina (NC), US

3 2 1

Thank you! 

Posted May 21, 2021   09:56:40 PM


Teresa Moor / Portsmouth, Hampshire, GB

4 1

Thank you and to team awesome, it isn’t your fault. I saw about 1.25 songs so very thankful for the restream and all you do.

Posted May 21, 2021   09:58:39 PM


Nick Nichols / Brunswick, Ga, US

You good. Some things are out of your control. It was a fantastic show.

Posted May 21, 2021   10:03:55 PM


Keri Mase / Rogers, AR, US


I'm sorry it didn't work for so many people. For once it worked great for me. I logged in 10 minutes before 8 and it never kicked me out. It did start to get a bit choppy at the end but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the stream.

Posted May 21, 2021   10:05:30 PM


Rebecca (Beck) Merkley / Chilliwack, BC, CA


Thank you to Team Awesome for going above and beyond again! Was a shame as I couldn't get in to the stream at all, so I am very excited for it to be uploaded to watch later!

Posted May 21, 2021   10:05:41 PM

Thanks guys! This one had a rough start but once we got in it was a million times better than past concert streams

Posted May 21, 2021   10:05:57 PM

1 1

It worked for me! That was the BEST show!! You guys are amazing! Thank you!

Posted May 21, 2021   10:08:19 PM

1 3

I'm so grateful that we get to watch it after the live stream! Thanks!

Posted May 21, 2021   10:10:23 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


While I did see about 6 numbers, they were sticky at best and the rest was "buffering" all evening.    It this the company who will be doing the rest of the livestreams?  Anyone know? 

Posted May 21, 2021   10:10:59 PM

Thank you for being so quick to resolve this. I was only able to watch the encore, which was great, but I'm excited to see the rest of the show now! We all know this wasn't Hanson's fault. Much Love and many Thanks to everyone for doing all you do! 💗

Posted May 21, 2021   10:22:04 PM


Sarah Lemin / Mernda, VIC, AU


Thanks for this post - watching the restream now and the music is beautiful 🤩

I think maybe underestimated the enormity of the fandom 🤷‍♀️

Posted May 21, 2021   10:23:05 PM


Tabby Braden / Mexico, MO, US


Thank you! So glad there’s an option to watch it.

Posted May 21, 2021   10:26:31 PM

I loved what steamed well! The buffering was disappointing, though. I'm still considering buying another streaming concert ticket ❤

Posted May 21, 2021   10:27:27 PM


Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US


Thank you!! I literally missed the entire thing. I appreciate that it will be re-streaming, but it was a bummer missing it live (we perhaps have a little too much fun watching “together” in Facebook groups and stuff where am we chat and comment on the live experiences 😂...not quite the same when you can’t experience it while it’s happening, though I do feel like I sound a bit spoiled saying that 🙃). It’s really nice that we can re-watch. Thanks, Team Awesome 😎 👏

Posted May 21, 2021   10:27:28 PM


Jade Nighbor / Brantford , Ontario, CA

7 7

Thank you so much!

Posted May 21, 2021   10:27:33 PM

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