Stream From Albertane

Jun 22, 2021 / HANSON

Get excited for Live Streaming Concerts coming up in 2021 with a Livestream watch party of Live From Albertane

HANSON: Back To Work!

Jun 17, 2021 / HANSON

Of all the things that define our band's sound, the greatest must be the way our three tastes come together. Three visions, pushing and pulling in search of harmony.

HANSON: Summer Sun

Jun 10, 2021 / HANSON

No matter how you summer, we hope you will let us serenade and entertain you at one of our up coming concerts, either in person or online, but, until then don’t forget the sunblock.

Penny & Me / Smile

Jun 03, 2021 / HANSON

We are looking forward to our streaming concerts coming up in July, so we are looking back at a few of our favorite moments from our Listeners Choice concert series from January!

HANSON: Don’t Ever Change Out Tomorrow!

Jun 03, 2021 / HANSON

HANSON are hosting a Members Only Nightcap Friday, June 4th at 7 PM CT.

Nightcap + On June 4th

Jun 03, 2021 / Admin

HANSON are hosting a Members Only Nightcap Friday June 4th at 7 PM CT.

HANSON Asks: Nightcap + DJ Set

Jun 03, 2021 / Admin

To celebrate the release of Don't Ever Change tomorrow HANSON are going live for a Nightcap + DJ set.

HANSON: Full Capacity

May 27, 2021 / HANSON


This week we are not only thinking about a summer concert series, we are looking forward to the premeire of the next single from Against The World, "Don't Ever Change" which features our friend and musical legend Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. We were honored he lent his guitar licks to the song, which just adds to the excitement to share, and knowing we will be back on stage, in full capacity rooms come July, we can’t wait to play it for you on stage.

Annalie - Behind The Scenes

May 26, 2021 / HANSON

We just shared a new video from the making of Annalie, talking about the song and the story behind it.

HANSON Day Gallery Extended

May 24, 2021 / Admin

The HANSON Day 2021 Gallery Items are available now until Thursday May 27th.


May 23, 2021 / HANSON


Thank you for joining us for HANSON Day 2021.

May 23, 2021 / Admin

Thank you for joining us for HANSON Day 2021.

You can rewatch all of the HANSON Day events as well as search all of the history of in the Archive.

Play Pictionary with HANSON...Live!

May 23, 2021 / Admin

During the Nightcap Stream Tonight HANSON is inviting you to play Pictionary with them.


May 22, 2021 / HANSON

Be very very quiet... We're hunting Pins.

Against The World HANSON Day Vignette

May 22, 2021 / HANSON

This week we are giving you just a little taste of what is coming for Against The World


May 22, 2021 / Admin

This Time Around Acoustic is now available for all members to watch for free HERE in the Archive


May 21, 2021 / HANSON

If you are ready, we have a new Pin with your name on it!

HANSON: Concerts This Week

May 21, 2021 / HANSON

It feels good to be back on stage, and it makes us excited to know we will be doing it again each month from July through October.

TTAA Re-Stream and Refunds!

May 21, 2021 / HANSON

We had such a great time tonight, only to come off stage and hear most of you did not.

Stream Quality

May 21, 2021 / Admin

A full and uninterrupted file will be posted up after the conclusion of the show for you to enjoy.

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