Shawn Moody / Pacific , Mo, US


Hello! name is Shawn, I'm 39 years old and I live in St.Louis Missouri. I'm engaged and currently living in a small apartment with my soon to be husband who I've been with for close to 12 years. I work in fast food ( yeah I know yuck lol but it pays the bills) lol Anyways Im a animal lover (especially doggies!) I enjoy movies, music, shopping, and of course concerts! I grew up idolizing Michael Jackson. He is my idol and always will be. I can't put into words how much that man ment to me. Hanson of course is literally my favorite band! I've been a huge fan since 1997 like everyone else here. My favorite is of course Taylor! My screen name gives that away lol. I've loved him since I was 14. He's so incredibly talented and the sweetest! Not to mention GORGEOUS!!!!! Have and questions please feel free to pm me! Thanks!! 

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