Marina Benevides Savoia / Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, BR

...I’ve got a feeling that I cannot contain...

Resume: I'm a bittersweet person on the spectrum - A Brazilian dreamer - Adult-ish - Pin hunter addicted. 
God, Life, my husband and my mom, photos, music, nature, nails, coffee, Mugs, Van Gogh, Red Color, myself, reading, writing, pets, Doctor Who and Doctor House, Julia Roberts and Jackie Chan, The Beatles and P!nk, chocolate, any food (Foodaholic), art, rainy days, Japanese (food, music, language, everything), unicorns and any cute stuff, games and cartoons, gadgets and technology, stationery, Alice in Wonderland - not exactly in this way; 
Fan since: 1997;
First Album: MON;
Favorite Album: Underneath;
Favorite EP: ? White Rabbit (2022 EP);
Favorite SongLost Without You (I guess... but it's so hard choose only one, cuz many of these songs makes the OST of my life and I feel a shiver of joy running through me when I listen some guitar chords or drum beats or even just the voices singin'). Yep, I love music more than I can deal with.
First concert: 08/26/2017 - Sao Paulo - Brazil.
After my first show, what can I say? I'm proud to have chosen Hanson as my number one band and have been following their career since 97. Tks for this! (Already Home almost got the place of favorite song after this concert).
First H-day: 2019.
First BTTI: 2021.
Instagram Accounts: @Ninabelezinha/ @RunawayRun_Nina / @Hanson_quotes (Yes... I'm a shot and social media addicted too). 

Fan since MMMBop fever in 1997 and rising. #IWasBorn to love #Hanson #SurelyAsTheSun, to have #ASongToSing, to #ScreamAndBeFree with a #Smile in my face, makin a #JoyfulNoise. To #Believe in the #SoundOfTheLight, having the #BestDaysOfMyLife under a #BlueSky. I #CantStop #DancingInTheWind, cuz #Iam a #GlimmeringGirl #MoreThanAnything and I'm #SureAbout it since 1997, after listening #MMMBop at the first time on MTv. Isn't #Weird? #IfOnly #IWillCometoYou, I could cry a #River and #LiveForever.

...Livin' the unexpected beautiful everyday...

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