Alexis Garcia-Belanich / Dunedin, FL, US

I'm a community staff pharmacist, a mommie, a loving wife, very shy, slightly awkward, and I'm learning to accept myself the way I am. I love connecting with my patients and my work "phamily". We all go through tough times, but I try every day to stay positive and empathetic. Music helps me do this; it's so woven into the fabric of my everyday life that I can't help picking up on it everywhere I go. Naturally, my love for music led to my love to dance (whether it's graceful or not is yet to be determined). I love chemistry and enjoy compounding, however I rarely ever get to practice anymore-- now it's just useful for making soaps/lotions as a hobby. I also enjoy reading everything from Shakespeare to Jane Austen to Vinland Saga to Tolkien to comics and cartoons. I love painting and drawing or just art in general. I seem to share this trait with my 4 year old son, he just lights up when he sees a paint brush ! I grew up in a gamer household and not surprisingly have a gamer husband. I still maintain that the best game ever is Cyborg Justice, though it is sadly retired. Most of my time off I just try to spend balancing fun experiences with my family/friends, feeding my curiosity, and focusing on what matters most with the people I love. 

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