ATW 2021 Ornament


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This multi-layered metal ornament brings together visuals
from all seven songs of Against The World to commemorate
the music of 2021. The Stronger stars float around the
Fearless light like sparks under the the Don’t Ever Change
neon heart. On the flip side, the Annalie bridge hides the
three arrows of the Against The World icon, being held up by
One etched into the bridge supports, all behind the
silhouette from Against The World, complete with the
geometric hearts of Only Love framing the 1234567. You will
be reminded of your favorite moments from this musical
journey every time you see this ornament hanging on your

3.5 inches Tall
Blue Ribbon
Material: Stainless steel with a silver like plating.

*This is a pre-order item and has been delayed at manufacturing - shipping in March of 2022.

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