Nightcap + On June 4th

Jun 03, 2021 | Admin

HANSON are hosting a Members Only Nightcap + DJ Friday June 4th at 7 PM CT. They will be taking your questions and celebrating the release of Don't Ever Change, plus setting the mood with an early evening DJ set playing Power Pop and classic rock all inspired by your requests. You can add your Requests HERE.

We look forward to seeing you live, and we hope you will enjoy watching the Nightcap stream on demand in the archive.

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Deanna Raymond / Las Vegas, NV, US

I get busy for a few days, forget to login to and then BAAAMM, a ton of new info and members only events pop up.  I love it!  🎶 How sweet it is, to be a member here! 🎶

Posted Jun 3, 2021   05:02:16 PM


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The DJ set will be before or after the Nightcap? 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   05:07:08 PM


Jessica Yost / Alexandria, VA, US

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Got so excited with all the new info I just put two power pop songs in the requests...and 70s rock in my favorite! Omgggggg...I'm literally listening to the 70s station right now. 😭😭😭 Oh, well. I know y'all will pick good songs lol!

Posted Jun 3, 2021   05:27:14 PM

I'm ridiculously excited!!!!

Posted Jun 3, 2021   06:56:49 PM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA


So excited!! 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   07:13:06 PM

Will the DJ set also be archived? Family visit this weekend and won't have a chance to watch live 😕

Thank you for ALL the online content the past year. 


Posted Jun 3, 2021   08:03:39 PM

oh ym god yes another  dj i love you taylor

Posted Jun 3, 2021   08:04:44 PM

I realllly wanted to add Pony by Ginuwine, but if there’s any kids there I figured it wouldn’t be super appropriate. 🤣

I also realized after it said 70s Rock song. Darn - so many good ones!!!

Posted Jun 3, 2021   08:19:03 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

I'm so excited for this 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   08:27:13 PM

21 1 5 1 3

Looking forward to the Night Cap and DJ party.

Posted Jun 3, 2021   09:48:21 PM


andrea slack / janesville, wi, US


I can't wait. 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   10:28:47 PM

really liking the ‘one song at a time’ release for ATW💚❤️💙

Posted Jun 3, 2021   10:58:03 PM


Krystal Stein / Yarraville, VIC, AU

Whoop whoop!!! 🍻💃🏼

Posted Jun 3, 2021   11:35:37 PM


Suzanne Larmark / Indianapolis, Indiana, US


Taylor, This may be the best DJ set to date. I’m digging the power pop vibe! 

Posted Jun 3, 2021   11:47:23 PM

way  to go taylor you rock

Posted Jun 4, 2021   09:00:08 AM

I am am SO excited about this!! This day needs to speed up =D.... What a cool surprise to login to! Thank you guys!! 

Posted Jun 4, 2021   02:26:15 PM


lorena rodriguez / Buceo, Montevideo, UY


What happends with the facebook live??

Posted Jun 4, 2021   06:52:27 PM

Tonight's Nightcap was blurry, bad at first but even when it got better it never really got clear, and the audio was tinny/echo-y.  The Dance Party is the same right now - blurry and tinny.

Is that true for everyone or should I be checking my setup?  Frustrating.

Posted Jun 4, 2021   07:49:50 PM


Did the fb happen?

Posted Jun 4, 2021   10:39:46 PM


bronwyn lee huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU


@taysbraid I was the same for me (picture was blurry) 

Posted Jun 4, 2021   11:41:09 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


Taysbraid & Bron1980 - I had the same problem.  The Nightcap was very blurry and the sound would fade in/out and was muffled most of the broadcast.  I tried to watch Taylor's dj set but between poor sound and picture, I turned it off. 

Anyone out there at Hnet Tulsa - what happened and can this be fixed before the next broadcast?

Posted Jun 5, 2021   08:59:13 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

It's the night cap and DJ all in one I watched on loop and had no problems if you had problems it could of been there internet connection it's not Hanson's fault 

Posted Jun 5, 2021   09:11:41 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

I had no problems watching on loop last night if you had problems tonight it could be a issue at your end

Posted Jun 5, 2021   09:13:33 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

I missed it I was in Arkansas for a family thing and that week was hectic stressful and sad as crap 😢😢

Posted Jun 8, 2021   02:18:19 PM

I've checked it out in the archive and both the Nightcap and DJ set still look the same (blurry).  The only thing part that looks and sounds right is the Don't Ever Change behind the scenes section.  I had the same problems last time.

If it's my end, I wish I knew what settings to change.  I don't have problems watching live streams elsewhere - in fact I was one of those who had no problem with the In.Live stream, it was beautiful (although it didn't let me in until the end of the first song).

Posted Jun 10, 2021   07:14:08 PM

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