Twilight Concert Series at Cooper River Park

May 05, 2023 | Admin

We are pleased to announce that HANSON will be performing at the Twilight Concert Series at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken, NJ on June 29, 2023. For details, go to our Calendar page.

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Tina Sweeney / Orlando, Florida, US

Loving all these announcements! Keep them coming!

Posted May 5, 2023   11:09:00 AM

Any chance for something in California? 🤞🏻

Posted May 5, 2023   11:17:49 AM

Thank you Hanson and Camden County for putting this together!!!! Can't wait for you guys to come to South Jersey! This news made my whole day! 

Posted May 5, 2023   11:33:57 AM

This is so exciting! Thank you Hanson for coming to South Jersey!! 

Posted May 5, 2023   12:35:21 PM


Rachel Baird / Ormskirk, Lancashire, GB

Twilight concert series, that sounds so cool...may be you could fit some of those in while you are in the UK, the sun will be setting around 7pm when you are here 😉

Posted May 5, 2023   12:43:50 PM


Lauren Flaim / Vineland , Nj, US

I'm speechless. So excited!!!

Posted May 5, 2023   03:24:50 PM


Posted May 6, 2023   09:18:18 AM

nj yeh i cant wait i hpe my freind takes me to se my hero tay to  yes nj yeh yes tay my breezes of gods music

Posted May 7, 2023   10:25:15 AM

I’ll be there! Who else is going? Any suggestions on things to do in the area? I’ve got a 2ish hour drive and want to make the most of it :)

Posted May 22, 2023   03:27:12 PM

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