May 02, 2023 | Admin

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that we are officially adding MORE ROOMS to BTTI 2024. This year’s onsale was such a success that the Jewel is SOLD OUT, but have no fear we are about to make it possible for more of you to come Back To The Island!

We’ve secured a limited number of rooms at a second resort so get them now before they’re gone too!
The onsale for these new rooms will start May 3rd (this Wednesday) for anyone who is already on the waitlist, and May 4th for all Hanson.net members.

We are thrilled to be able to have even more of you join us for the biggest BTTI ever!

See you on the Island!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Member Exclusive: The Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay is an all-inclusive luxury resort with only a 5 minute drive to Jewel Paradise Cove where the concerts and special activities take place (shuttle is included during all Hanson music events and special activities at the main venue). Guests will have access to use the facilities of both the Bahia Principe Luxury and the Bahia Principe Grand resorts. Combined between both sections, there are 1375 rooms, making it the largest resort in Jamaica. All hotel rooms for Hanson's BTTI 2024 will be set in the adults only Bahia Principe Luxury.

The Back To The Island destination concert event is a rare musical escape that takes music fans to a world-class resort destination on the Caribbean shore, to enjoy connecting with other music fans in a beautiful place, while sharing once in a lifetime musical experiences with HANSON as your host.

Come take part in the 11th annual BTTI and escape to the tropics to kick off 2024 together on the beaches of the Caribbean. We look forward to welcoming you to Jamaica!



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Tina Sweeney / Orlando, Florida, US

@leigh how does this effect attendance? As we know BTTI is supposed to be a very limited crowd.

Posted May 2, 2023   12:20:08 PM

It will still be very limited.

Posted May 2, 2023   12:22:03 PM


Laura Thorp / Owings Mills, Maryland, US

I like the idea, but it seems odd that some people might not get to hang out with all their friends the whole time bc maybe not everyone is in the same place. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out, though. 🤔

Posted May 2, 2023   12:26:20 PM

Can we know the name of the resort? I like to view reviews before I go anywhere..

Posted May 2, 2023   12:32:23 PM

Nevermind, I used my eyeballs and I found the information. LOL

Posted May 2, 2023   12:33:29 PM


Christina Griffin / London, London, GB

2 2 1 10

While we're adding second things to BTTI.... can we have a Second Special Guest? **cough** CHARLIE SIMPSON **cough**

for serious though this is cool and i know so many first timers who will be excited to go now you've added rooms.

Posted May 2, 2023   12:37:19 PM


I understand the initiative and interest and selling more but this sorta kills one of the most interesting things about btti that is a limited crowd. I’m glad I decided not to go this next year and attend the next one cause it will give me time to see how this goes.

Posted May 2, 2023   12:40:21 PM


Josee Villeneuve / Victoria, BC, CA

I agree with @CLERAH. The ppl from the Bahia are pretty much gonna hang out at the Jewel all day.... 

Posted May 2, 2023   12:44:00 PM


Teisha Burns / Racine, Wi, US


Where's the Love? ❤️ 

Share the love of Hanson, it will still be limited and a select few rooms sooo let's say 25 rooms equals 50 extra people. No one is going to notice 50 extra people. Attendees go on excursions, hang out at the beach, sleep in their rooms. There is space on the beach for a few extra beautiful Hanson loving soul!

Posted May 2, 2023   12:47:45 PM

As I stated, it will still be very limited. We're not adding an entire resort - just a limited block of rooms. Members staying at Bahia won't arrive at Jewel until after 3pm each day.

Posted May 2, 2023   12:49:58 PM

id die to go to this event to one day  love my tay honey.

Posted May 2, 2023   12:50:40 PM


Josee Villeneuve / Victoria, BC, CA

@leigh1 - thank you for the information.

This definitely changes my opinion. Nothing worse than long lines for that morning Coffee 🤣. 

Posted May 2, 2023   12:53:29 PM

I'm not one to complain, but I think this should've been advertised before the presale and the original general sale. This changes things. Having as many people as the Jewel can fit is one thing, and it was pretty crowded during the shows. Having people coming over from the other resort changes everything even if it's just a "limited amount". It becomes just another tour show now. I know this is how IG's events are usually done, but there's a difference between the exclusivity of just having a bunch of people vs. having more people now.

Posted May 2, 2023   12:54:02 PM


Ivy McCarty / Louisville, Kentucky, US


This is one of those events where bigger doesn't equal better. 

One of the best aspects of BTTI is that it isn't a huge amount of people. The guys already don't spend enough time at the resort (doing activities) to engage with the usual amount of people, so this is going to spread them even more. I'm glad they are trying to accommodate those who want to go, but it completely changes the dynamic of what makes BTTI so special.

Posted May 2, 2023   01:02:27 PM


Jennifer Reboudo / Uniontown, OH, US

This 2nd resort looks real nice 👌🏾 

Posted May 2, 2023   01:08:07 PM


Tonie Montgomery / Puyallup, WA, US


"Members staying at Bahia won't arrive at Jewel until after 3pm each day."

Hope this is made clear to all that purchase.

Posted May 2, 2023   01:13:56 PM


Teisha Burns / Racine, Wi, US


Shout out to Hanson and their team for making it possible to add a few more fans to the mix! I know of people who will be blessed 🙌 by this addition. I welcome all that comes, it will be a good time at BTTI2024! Don't worry Be Happy we be jammin on the beach come Jan 2024!

Posted May 2, 2023   01:16:33 PM


Amanda Shambaugh / Ashland, OH, US

Agree Teisha! Some people I swear are never happy 😒

Posted May 2, 2023   01:20:20 PM


Teisha Burns / Racine, Wi, US


Sorry my WiFi messing up it spammed yall

Posted May 2, 2023   01:20:56 PM

Can you tell us how many more rooms have been added? I’m concerned, among other things, about restaurants & bars becoming more crowded, which affects time to actually get dinner between shows. Plus, it’s great that other people get a chance to come yes, but I do agree with others that bigger doesn’t necessarily equal better in this situation & definitely alters the exclusivity of the event. Part of what made last year so great was how relaxed & chill everyone was & I just can’t help but imagine that vibe going away with the addition of more people. Nothing against the people on the waitlist who also want to come, just have concerns…

Posted May 2, 2023   01:49:07 PM


Heather Bolton / Portland, Oregon, US

1 1 3 1

I love this for those that may never have been and this was supposed to be the year but it sold out before they even had a chance. I'm interested to see if I notice a crowd difference for shows, but normally I'm back on a lounger with a drink and relaxing for shows. Excited no matter what for BTTI2024. 

Posted May 2, 2023   01:52:18 PM

50 more people on the beach won't be a huge deal but 50 more people trying to eat between the solo shows and main shows is certainly going to be noticeable. 

Posted May 2, 2023   02:03:13 PM

I'm surprised they are doing this but wouldn't sell additional tickets to the Underneath acoustic show at Cain's for people who are traveling to Tulsa next week 😭

Posted May 2, 2023   02:13:36 PM

GREAT IDEA! I am more likely to find a husband at a big resort like that. I am now considering coming. I love Hanson fans but I love hot single men more! 

Not keen on seeing A.M.M.M again, they were great but I like variety. Also really put off by the video game night. It’s not as interactive with everyone as family feuds. I found it really boring just staring at a screen the last time there were video games in Jamaica. 

Posted May 2, 2023   02:20:33 PM

1 1

I really hope this doesn’t affect the intimacy of this event. I look forward to going each year bc of the smaller shows and not having to battle crowds. 

Posted May 2, 2023   02:26:23 PM

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