Thank You For Joining us for HANSON Day 2022

May 16, 2022 | Admin

Thank you for joining us for HANSON Day 2022.

The HANSON Day 2022 streams are available for 7 days from the day they were streamed.

In case you missed the streams or want to see them again the links are listed below with end times for when each stream will stop restreaming. You can also find them by searching for them in the Archive section.

The HANSON Day 2022 Gallery section in the store will be available until Thursday May 19th at 11:59pm.

Day 1 - EP Listening Party
Stream End Date:  May 16th 11:59pm

Day 2 - EP Documentary
Stream End Date:  May 17th 11:59pm

Day 3 - Gallery Documentary Stream
End Date:  May 18th 11:59pm

Day 4 - HTP Live Stream
End Date:  May 19th 11:59pm

Day 5 - Storytellers Concert Stream
Ticket Required - Not availble on

Day 6 - Concert Stream
End Date:  May 21st 11:59pm

Day 7 - Nightcap Stream
End Date:  May 22nd 1:59pm

Forum Comments

Thank you guys for your hard work, Hday was a blast!! And the concerts were some of the best I’ve ever been to! Can’t wait to come back again!! 

Posted May 16, 2022   02:47:20 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

thank you for this

Posted May 16, 2022   02:47:43 PM

Thank You all so much!!!

Posted May 16, 2022   02:54:43 PM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB

Thank you!

Posted May 16, 2022   02:55:34 PM


Maylynn Kish / Taylor , Pennsylvania , US

Thank you. I enjoyed the virtual streams.

Posted May 16, 2022   02:55:46 PM


lorena rodriguez / Buceo, Montevideo, UY

Thanks for sharing this amazing week with all of us 🥰

Posted May 16, 2022   02:56:37 PM

Thanks for making all of us participate!

Posted May 16, 2022   02:59:13 PM


Kira Kryzenske / McFarland, Wisconsin, US

Thank you guys!

I knew I would have fun, but it was even more than I imagined.  My first Tulsa/HDay experience was amazing!  

I enjoyed all the activities, concerts, and loved meeting all you incredible fellow fans!  ❤️💚💙🐇

Taylor and Zac, thank you for letting me get  pictures with you and getting to meet in person for the very first time ever.  I somehow managed to keep missing Isaac.  Next time.  

I will be back.  

Posted May 16, 2022   03:00:14 PM


Meghan Belton / Chandler , AZ, US

9 1

Thank you! I've never been able to make out to Tulsa for Hanson Day but having the live streams is fantastic! I love every minute of it 😊 thanks for picking me to win the pencil drawing as well! I'm so excited! I couldn't believe it! I had to rewatch just to make sure it was me! 😁 

Posted May 16, 2022   03:05:29 PM


luciana Evans / west palm beach, Florida, US

6 6 6

Thank you guys for another amazing Hanson Day. Looking forward to 2023!!!

Posted May 16, 2022   03:06:50 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

Thank you guys 

I had fun do the online actives and see you guys very soon


Posted May 16, 2022   03:08:09 PM

I don’t wanna go home. I want my husband and kids to move here. The community, the food, all of the things here are just amazing. Tulsa is seriously one of the best hidden gems!! Thanks for an amazing weekend!

Posted May 16, 2022   03:29:09 PM


First HDay for me. It was way, WAY more than my teen heart was expecting. Thank you three, and the whole team!!! 😊🙌✨

Posted May 16, 2022   03:38:28 PM


Rachel Wilburn / Indianapolis, IN, US

Thank you so much for including the virtual audience :) <3

Posted May 16, 2022   03:40:00 PM


Rachel Baker / Nelson , Tasman , NZ


Thank you guys for all the online content! It was amazing being able to feel a part of Hanson Day week all the way from New Zealand 🥳🎉🎶

I hope to get there next year! 🥳 Also.. See you in November!! ❤️💚💙🎶💃🏼✌🏻

Posted May 16, 2022   03:43:36 PM


Natalie Struck / Saskatoon, SK, CA


I wasn't even THERE and I had such a fantastic week! Thank you so much for sharing as much as possible with streams and such. Loving the new music and beyond excited for the new album. My heart is happy! Thank YOU!

Posted May 16, 2022   03:46:32 PM

3 1

It was my first Hanson Day experience, and it was amazing! Thank you to everyone who made it happen!

Posted May 16, 2022   03:54:14 PM


lea geldard / Woodkirk, West Yorkshire, GB


Thankyou for making my very first Hanson day amazing, even though I couldn’t be there in person it was amazing to see all the streams, hopefully next year I can be there in person so I don’t have to stay up until 1am to watch everything 🤣❤️💚💙

Posted May 16, 2022   04:02:44 PM


Jackie Rakoski-Diediker / Topeka, KS, US

Thank you Hanson, Team Awesome, and all of the Street Team Leaders for the fabulous events hosted in Tulsa over the last few days. This was my first in person Hanson Day and I had an absolute blast exploring, participating and meeting new people. I'm looking forward to revisiting some of the events the next fees days as I'm sure I missed something being in the room. Already looking forward to next year in Tulsa!

Posted May 16, 2022   04:03:35 PM

Thank you guys for this awesome weekend. It was my 1st Hday and my 1st Hanson concert and it was and amazing experience. I have waited since 1997 for this moment and it was worth it. I met lots of nice and friendly people including you. I hope to get to see you again soon. Costa Rica is listening!!!

Posted May 16, 2022   04:04:45 PM

oh my gosh thank u so  much hanson your one amazing band to of men i loved the new  ep song songs to no gu hotter to tay so  nuce tyo my  mom daf to ill never sto o being a fan 29 years later yes always

Posted May 16, 2022   04:05:41 PM

Such a great weekend. Thank you to the whole Hanson team for such great events and organization. We really appreciate all the work you put in to give us fans this experience. Tulsa is such a great place. 

Posted May 16, 2022   04:08:05 PM

Thank you guys so much for my first Hanson day was amazing 🤩 I love see all the streaming videos and everything els even though I couldn’t be there in person I hope next year I will be able to come there to see you guys in your hometown. I love you guys ❤️💚💙🎶🎵

Posted May 16, 2022   04:17:51 PM


Thank you for a fun week watching the streams and figuring out each days clues!

Posted May 16, 2022   04:22:22 PM


Samantha Lefler / INDIANAPOLIS, IN, US

Thank you so much! Love it! 🐇🪩

Posted May 16, 2022   04:29:19 PM

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