HANSON: So Much More, Very Soon!

Mar 18, 2021 | HANSON

This week has been a little different. We have started mixing Against The World for one, and man does it feel like that has been a long time coming. No need to say it feels really good to be only months away from its release. This week we also began designing Crossroads, the 2021 Hanson.net members EP. Zac has been working from home since the arrival of his new addition, but after the past 12 months it seems like we have officially perfected the zoomiverse.

We saw an incredible response when the In-Person HANSON Day tickets went on sale at the start of the week. We were so pleased to know some of you will be celebrating in person with us, but also blown away by how fast the tickets sold out. We know it is not the same in all places, but it feels good to see so many people are anxious for concerts like we are. We continue to work on the return of touring, and every day we get more encouraging news. We hope you are enjoying playing HNet Explorer each week, and looking forward to the return of the 20th video series, and so much more, very soon!

Isaac Taylor and Zac


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Deanna Raymond / Las Vegas, NV, US

I wonder if restrictions get lifted a bit, would there be a possibility of more in person tickets going on sale??? 🤞 That'd be rad! 

Posted Mar 18, 2021   08:43:36 PM


Kaitlin Walbright / Columbus, OH, US

Don't you love being able to mute him? 

Posted Mar 18, 2021   08:47:38 PM


Megan McNeill / Urbandale, IA, US

4 1 1 3 2

So ready to see you guys again in August. ❤ Looking forward to virtual Hanson Day!

Posted Mar 18, 2021   08:48:32 PM

2 1 1

I can't wait for new music. Wooooooo!!!!!

Posted Mar 18, 2021   08:58:47 PM


Chris Miller / Meadville, PA, US


Mentions of Against the World are always a good thing. :)  I can't wait.

Posted Mar 18, 2021   08:59:30 PM


Jennifer Walker / Newnan, Georgia, US

8 1

Can't wait!

Posted Mar 18, 2021   09:09:20 PM


Julie Marion / Stilwell, Ok, US

Very excited about everything!!!!

Posted Mar 18, 2021   09:41:58 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


I’m excited no matter what you guys have planned for us and I can’t wait to get my virtual ticket I got to get it soon before May but I’m looking forward to that show I’m glad you and your families are all doing good and I hope to see you guys soon and thanks for your guys hard work

Posted Mar 18, 2021   09:42:10 PM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US

1 1

Yay super excited!

Posted Mar 18, 2021   10:48:21 PM


Kelsey Wetmore / Greensburg, PA, US

1 1 1 1 1 7

Awesome news on the new music!! :D

Posted Mar 18, 2021   10:53:45 PM


Aly Turner / Vancouver, WA, US


More music is music to my ears. So much exciting things happening in the HANSON world! Can't wait!

Posted Mar 18, 2021   11:13:51 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

So much to look forward too Yay! ♥😊

Posted Mar 18, 2021   11:46:00 PM


Crystal Formica / Springfield, Ohio, US

3 3 1

This is all so very exciting!! 🥰🥰🥰

Posted Mar 19, 2021   12:06:58 AM

oh my god yes i hope  tour to some shoews to i cant wasit for agtw

Posted Mar 19, 2021   03:02:26 AM


Loretta Dunham / Ponderay , Idaho , US


I'm excited for things to come see you guys in may 😁

Posted Mar 19, 2021   03:12:32 AM


lorena rodriguez / Buceo, Montevideo, UY


I'm makes me sad ti think i was going to enjoy the tta concert las year and now i can't 😢😢😢 but i'm looking forward for next year🥰🇺🇾

Posted Mar 19, 2021   04:27:44 AM


Barbara Timpani / Dover, New Jersey, US

3 1

Disney in Oct??? 🤞

Posted Mar 19, 2021   07:08:49 AM


Liliana Rodríguez Castro / Puerto Morelos, Quinta Roo, MX

Can't wait for new music 🎹🥁🎸🎶💕 .... Thank you guys 🧡, see you soon I hope  🇲🇽

Posted Mar 19, 2021   07:12:26 AM


Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

"months away" sounds a little more promising than "soon" :-p 

Posted Mar 19, 2021   08:24:07 AM


So many things to look forward to, thank you guys! 

Posted Mar 19, 2021   08:39:00 AM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

3 3 3 3 3

Thank you for the update 👍. Hanson Days, Livestreams, new ep, new album & let's not forget those new babies!!  ( Isaac, anything you want to tell us? ).   ❤️🤗

Just kidding Isaac😄

Sounds wonderful and I am looking forward to all of it!!! 🎶❤️🎶

Posted Mar 19, 2021   08:42:07 AM


Kim Lloyd / Bowling Green, OH, US

7 1 1 1 1 1

I can't stop singing Bone Thugs n Harmony "Crossroads" everytime y'all mention the ep. Lol send help.. jk

Posted Mar 19, 2021   08:45:57 AM


Rebecca Trubee / Marshfield, WI, US

Looking forward to new music, thank you Hanson. 

I think many are just itching to get out and about with some normalcy again.  Oh how I want to attend a concert again, can’t be soon enough!🤗

Posted Mar 19, 2021   08:49:29 AM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

1 1

First off, Congrats to Zac! Said it on all other social media but this! Second, glad to see Tay back at home and in the studio, that means back to work! I can't wait to hear and see the making of Crossroads!! Last year was so fun to see CBIB that I can't wait to see this year's EP being created! NEW SONGS!!! Third, Isaac must be reading a lot these days! He has been very quiet! :) OR just working while the other two are doing their own thing! ;) I wish I could be there in person for the concert, but I will take live streaming over nothing! I am ready for my 2nd in-person Hanson concert, the first was AMAZING and forever in my heart! Before I go, I have to mention how gorgeous Taylor is...as always, but that hair, the sweater...ahhh! Ok, bye!  

Posted Mar 19, 2021   09:12:31 AM

yeah emma he is gorugous man no man beter to

Posted Mar 19, 2021   09:28:29 AM

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