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May 27, 2021 | HANSON

Before we get any further, we just want to say thank you for celebrating HANSON Day with us! It was a pleasure to watch so many members from around the globe come together in the chats and on the forums, and to see the sheer numbers of you tuning in and playing along in our daily HDay Explorer scavenger hunt. Seeing so many faces in person on Friday and Saturday left us feeling grateful that we have come through a very hard year together and excited for the future!
We are just a little more than a week away from the release of "Don’t Ever Change” on Friday, June 4th. Like most all of the songs on ATW, Don’t Ever Change jumps off where Annalie began and takes you to a totally different musical place, one more inspired by garage rock and power pop. We were honored that our friend and musical legend Rick Nielsen lent his guitar licks to the song, which just adds to the excitement to share. It felt so good to be playing concerts again, and even better to know that restrictions have been lifted so our shows in July, August, September and October will all be full capacity rock shows! We can’t wait to play for you.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Barbara Timpani / Dover, New Jersey, US

Wow!  This is great news!

Posted May 27, 2021   04:56:24 PM

You had me at garage rock and power pop, lol

The whole Hanson Day week was amazing! Thank you!

I can't wait to see the next livestreams! I'm glad that they are full capacity shows now so that more people can be there, but we also get to share the experience around the world at the same time. 🌎

Posted May 27, 2021   04:58:22 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


I had a blast it was nice to be part of it this year I wish you guys can do it every year like that hopefully I can come down next year and then I do years of probably just be online if you guys can do it that way

Posted May 27, 2021   04:59:14 PM


Michelle Munier / Hubert, NC, US

That's awesome news!!!  It's gonna be so much fun in Sept!!!

Posted May 27, 2021   05:12:29 PM

This is awesome! Can't wait to properly rock out with y'all eight times this year! 🎸🎶

Posted May 27, 2021   05:41:23 PM

So amazing!! I can't wait for all the livestream shows =) Thank you guys!!! I am so excited!! 

Posted May 27, 2021   05:48:44 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

I hope i get to see y'all in concert I just don't know when but hope all is well with you y'all. God bless 

Posted May 27, 2021   05:48:56 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

I will be watching them from home

Posted May 27, 2021   05:53:09 PM


Kandice Blades / WACO, TX, US


This is great news! ♥

Posted May 27, 2021   05:53:53 PM


Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US


Awesome news!! Can't wait to see more shows!

Posted May 27, 2021   05:59:11 PM


Arielle Marcum / Enterprise, Oregon, US

So does this mean in person hday next year?

Posted May 27, 2021   06:02:28 PM

i cant wait yes i cant wait for tour to next time to

Posted May 27, 2021   06:11:22 PM


Grace Grutter / Kansas City, MO, US


So excited for to see you all in July ❤️ Hoping meet and greets are happening again then too 🙏🏻

Posted May 27, 2021   06:36:25 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

I hope you will be allowed to tour next year for your 30th anniversary and that you keep the virtual Hanson Day for those who don't want to travel there

Posted May 27, 2021   06:40:57 PM


Crystal Formica / Springfield, Ohio, US


HansonDayz were EPIC - virtually!! So excited for the new song release & for this summer!! Thank you for continuing to innovate & keep the music alive!!

Posted May 27, 2021   06:44:41 PM


andrea slack / janesville, wi, US


This is great news. I can't wait to see you guys in August at the iowa state fair.  Can't wait to hear and see your next music video for the next song.

I had a great week last week it was fun.

You 3 are amazing men.

Posted May 27, 2021   07:12:16 PM


Liliana Rodríguez Castro / Puerto Morelos, Quinta Roo, MX

So excited from the streams 🎼💕✨

Posted May 27, 2021   07:26:54 PM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA


Thank you for the virtual streaming concerts! It really helps and was my first experience seeing you live. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and our borders are still closed and the province I live in is in lockdown. We are not even allowed to leave our community. I haven’t seen my family in 9month. So to have you in concert live (in my living room) boosted my spirits! Thank you so much! I hope you continue the online content. When travel opens I really hope to get to a concert In-person! I need a night of singing at the top of my lungs and dancing and making other Hanson friends! 💃

Posted May 27, 2021   07:31:05 PM


Dophine Frazier / Swanzey, NH, US

Wow it's going by fast! I can't wait to hear the new song and see the video. They sound amazing! I loved tuning into Hanson every day and it's sad that it ended. I had a blast! It felt like I was hanging out wirh you and the fans. I even had dreams about you last week! So exciting to hear that Rick helped you out. That's nice about full capacity! I can't wait to see the live streams. Thanks guys! 

Posted May 27, 2021   07:47:31 PM


amanda grossmick / Pitman, NJ, US


So very excited!! Counting down the days until my son’s first real Hanson concert (outside of Disney) in Virginia next month! So ready for the world to feel normal again! 

Posted May 27, 2021   08:09:03 PM


Amanda Robison / Advance , Missouri, US

Looking forward to the July shows and full capacity!

Posted May 27, 2021   08:20:09 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US


Great news for Hanson and everyone who can go to the shows!  I am happy there will be livestreams as I can't go to Tulsa. 🎶😃❤️ (Thank you Isaac, Taylor & Zac)

Posted May 27, 2021   09:53:16 PM

Please don't cancel the stream shows just because full capacity is allowed   :)

Posted May 27, 2021   10:13:43 PM


Heather Bolton / Portland, Oregon, US

2 1 3 1 3 1

I'm both elated and a bit nervous for full capacity. It'll be strange to be shoulder to shoulder singing along this summer. Glad I get to do it with y'all though.

Posted May 27, 2021   10:56:00 PM

2 4

Fab news. Now can you just let us in 🇬🇧😁

Posted May 28, 2021   01:31:22 AM

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