HANSON: Unexpected Collaborations

May 25, 2023 | HANSON

Oh May, what a month in HANSON world. We just made it through an amazing HANSON Day celebration, and we are still coming down from hosting many of you from around the world for the annual gathering in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As we move into the summer with many interesting events and projects, we are thrilled that this year's Ambient EP is in your hands to be the soundtrack for another great year. 2023 is a year of some unexpected collaborations and events from our guest appearance with the amazing Cory Wong at Bonaroo to our collab with Busted on MMMbop 2.0 to the their fall UK Tour, who knows what else may come. Wherever you are we hope your spring is in full bloom!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Alejandra Marchetti / General Roca, Río Negro, AR


what a great year 2023 for you!

Posted May 26, 2023   06:39:32 PM


Jaime Souza / Kaneohe, HI, US


Thank you again to you guys and your team for an amazing Hanson Day 2023!  :)

Posted May 26, 2023   07:11:11 PM

Really like the collaboration with Busted thanks for a fun Hanson Day and looking forward to HTP.

Posted May 26, 2023   07:13:33 PM


Gina Bentfield / Burns, TN, US


Woohoo! Excited to see you guys in 3 weeks with Cory at the Roo! 🎶 What a fun surprise! 

Posted May 26, 2023   09:11:30 PM


Kalinka Santos / Charqueadas, RS, BR


"who knows what else may come"??

I wish so so so much, U can come back to Brazil very soon!!! 

Posted May 26, 2023   09:43:34 PM


Christina Griffin / London, London, GB

Could this mean there are more collabs in the works!? Loving it guys! 

Posted May 27, 2023   12:15:59 AM


Frances Hill / Racine, Wisconsin, US

All around excellent guys ~ im luvin it 🙌🙌

Posted May 27, 2023   12:31:29 AM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

It not spring here in Melbourne it’s now winter though I did enjoy Hanson day thank you 

Posted May 27, 2023   01:22:01 AM


Alexandra Boocock / Wakefield, West Yorkshire, GB

Will there be a video for MMMbop 2.0? 

Posted May 27, 2023   01:32:32 AM


EMILY VICENTE / Sertãozinho, São Paulo, BR

I wish you much success in all your plans.  I loved following Hanson Day through the website.  I hope you can come back to Brazil soon.

Posted May 27, 2023   01:47:30 AM


Gemma Adams / Kent, Uk, GB


Definitely sounds like more collabs are on the way… 

Posted May 27, 2023   06:01:19 AM

Can’t wait to hear additional collab news! MMMBop 2.0 is pretty rad.

Posted May 27, 2023   11:25:34 AM


Anna Gabryela Magueta / Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BR

😍😍😍😍 beautiful boys!!!!!! Love u guys!!! 

Posted May 27, 2023   06:31:22 PM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

This was fun!!! I love this so much!! You guys make me so happy!

Posted May 27, 2023   07:16:46 PM


TATIANE CRUZ / Uberlândia, MG, BR

I'm really loving the new EP.  I loved following Hanson Day through the website, much success in the shows who's next! 


Posted May 27, 2023   08:45:48 PM



Thanks guys ❤️💚💙

Posted May 28, 2023   07:01:24 AM

Thank You  !!!!!!!!!! 

So  Hanson 2.0  so so Amaizing good Thanks for Everything     

Posted May 28, 2023   06:04:02 PM


Dulciana-Judah Brzek-Cook / Perth, Western Australia, AU

2 2

lol, spring

*cries in southern hemisphere*

Posted May 29, 2023   10:50:28 AM


Sinead Caslin Cregg / Elphin, Co. Roscommon, IE

2 2 1

Thanks for Ambient  I love it but I do wish we could still get the physical CD with our membership. I'd love to listen to Ambient in my car! 

Posted May 30, 2023   02:16:21 AM


Brittany Green / Fredercksburg, Virginia, US

1 5

Loving it. This was much needed and way overdue!

Posted May 30, 2023   10:39:06 AM


Brittany Green / Fredercksburg, Virginia, US

1 5

Loving it. This was much needed and way overdue!

Posted May 30, 2023   10:39:07 AM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

Bring it on! 🎶🎸🎹🥁

Posted May 30, 2023   09:16:53 PM

It’s absolutely INCREDIBLE!! 😍😎🧡

Posted May 30, 2023   10:57:52 PM


Stephanie Bilodeau / Middletown, DE, US

1 1

I have a strange vision of a Taylor swift collab, also frequently run into Jimmie Allen that would be good too.

however we need an entire AMMM collaboration.  

Posted May 31, 2023   10:15:11 AM


Glauciane Monteiro / Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BR

Wonderful and come again to Brazil ♥️

Posted Jun 2, 2023   06:52:13 PM

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