HANSON Day Scavenger HUNT Is LIVE!

May 11, 2023 | HANSON

It is officially game time at HANSON Day 2023. For our online members we have been playing H.Day Explorer game for a few years. One new PIN every day, if you can find it. Today we launch our first ever "In Person" HANSON Day Scavanger Hunt

The game will take you all over downtown Tulsa, and includes 20 puzzles and even more PINs as well as a brand new way to earn PINs. We hope you have a great time playing and will see you at the finish line


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Lisa Williams-Harris / Toronto, Ontario, CA

ahh that's soo cool, enjoy everyone!

Posted May 11, 2023   10:43:21 AM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

That’s very cool wish I was there to collect all those pins Zac you are the genius behind the projects. 💙💙💙

Posted May 11, 2023   10:49:59 AM

when now i cant wait yeh

Posted May 11, 2023   10:52:32 AM


This sounds like a great way to explore Tulsa, sounds so fun! Hope everyone playing has a great time ☺️

Posted May 11, 2023   11:09:48 AM

This looks so much fun, wish I was there so much!!!

Posted May 11, 2023   11:27:11 AM


Marcela Bianchini / Rio Claro, SP, BR


That must be fun. Good luck, guys! 

Posted May 11, 2023   11:41:10 AM

Is there a reason all but 2 are going to be taken away from us? I literally paid for these 😂

Posted May 11, 2023   01:45:59 PM


Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

This was so fun

Posted May 11, 2023   01:51:21 PM


Have fun all

Posted May 11, 2023   03:01:22 PM


Emma Trofholz / Columbus, NE, US

Zac, you’re funny! Wish I was there doing this myself! Hopefully this is an every year thing! So when I am there, I can play!!! Have fun, everyone! 

Posted May 11, 2023   05:00:58 PM


Lauren Hagan / Pocahontas, Illinois, US

Got em all! That was fun! Only needed 1 tiny hint

Posted May 11, 2023   06:47:01 PM

How do you start 

Posted May 11, 2023   07:33:47 PM


Posted May 11, 2023   07:33:57 PM


Susan Schrodt / Charles City, IA, US


Posted May 11, 2023   08:36:02 PM


Keisha Edwards / Greer, SC, US

Still stuck on the fourth pin (and fifth pin).. what am I doing wrong?

Posted May 11, 2023   10:15:43 PM


Erin Ritson / Butler, PA, US

Can’t figure out how to get the the treasure chest! Some people got it yesterday and some didn’t. Did we have to check in somewhere?

Posted May 12, 2023   09:33:51 AM


Traci Brown / Morgantown, West Virginia, US

I haven't gotten the heart pin. Did we mess up somewhere? 

Posted May 12, 2023   05:48:39 PM

Completed but never got the treasure chest to start….

@zachanson help me!!!

Posted May 12, 2023   08:51:29 PM

I don’t have the treasure chest either…. 

Posted May 12, 2023   08:52:03 PM

What are the 2 pins that we keep after the scavenger hunt is completed? Is the Bluesmobile pin the “completed” pin and the treasure chest the starting / you’re doing the quest pin?


— Jessica

Posted May 12, 2023   09:47:18 PM

This was much fun!

Posted May 13, 2023   09:34:58 AM


Delainie Heinzen / Milwaukee, WI, US


If we played the game..will we get the treasure chest eventually?

Posted May 13, 2023   09:38:24 AM

I was at the right place for the first clue, but it kept saying my location was too far... So I coulnt even start the game.

Posted May 13, 2023   12:04:52 PM

Hey guys, maybe I'm just stupid...but how can I join the stream tonight since I can't find any link (yet)? Feel free to pm me please! 🫣🤔

Posted May 13, 2023   02:53:01 PM

This scavenger hunt was so fun, Zac. Thank you for organizing it!! I wish we could keep all the fun pins. 

Posted May 13, 2023   04:18:46 PM

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