HANSON: Listening Back to Underneath

May 04, 2023 | HANSON

It has been a great week rehearsing for HANSON Day and the "Underneath Acoustic Revisited” streaming show. It has been a trip listening back to that album, and remembering all that was going on two decades ago. Underneath was a formative album for us and for this community, and we are really proud of how far we have come together. We're looking forward to bringing this album back to the stage and sharing all of it with you. 
Tomorrow, a new episode of HTP is dropping, so be sure to log on and tune in. The HANSON Time Podcast is part info, part inside, and mostly nonsense, but we have a great time with it so we can’t seem to stop. We're talking about Underneath Acoustic, playing games and talking about the weather… you're gonna love it!
Big thank you to everyone who signed up for Back To The Island 2024! We can’t believe how fast the rooms sold out, and can't wait to host all of you on the island again. Looking forward to lots of music,  lots of fun, and mostly soaking up the island sun come January 2024. 
See you all next week in Tulsa, and May the 4th be with you! 
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Alejandra Marchetti / General Roca, Río Negro, AR


I can not wait! I will be present in the Underneath stream from Argentina 🇦🇷

Posted May 4, 2023   05:56:30 PM


Amber Ganoe / Gardendale, AL, US

That’s cool! Will this be available in the Hanson store online? I won’t be making to to Hanson Day 😞

Posted May 4, 2023   06:02:09 PM

Amber- the link to buy a streaming ticket for the Underneath acoustic revisited concert is in the calendar (May 12).

Posted May 4, 2023   06:20:00 PM


Tonie Montgomery / Puyallup, WA, US


Can't wait to be there!

Could you please make the re stream available for 7 days?

I won't be back home till the 17th.

Posted May 4, 2023   06:50:01 PM


Kelsey Wetmore / Greensburg, PA, US


Ok I need that print of the albums... Ugh.

Posted May 4, 2023   07:00:03 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US

Announcing Underneath Acoustic as the theme for the one show is what made me decide to not skip Hday this year. UA and Understand are my favorites from you guys and I can't wait to hear all these songs live 🩵

Posted May 4, 2023   07:20:18 PM

All of it?…. Does that include believe and lullabelle? 

Posted May 4, 2023   08:27:48 PM


Aline Gonçalves Bomfim Bispo / Salvador, Bahia, BR

I love this poster!  Very proud of you ❤️

Posted May 4, 2023   09:32:25 PM


Aline Gonçalves Bomfim Bispo / Salvador, Bahia, BR


Posted May 4, 2023   09:33:30 PM

cant wait love u tay to my hero yeh yes

Posted May 4, 2023   10:11:50 PM

@ToastedSoup  firstly, it's a full show, just like Underneath Accoustic was a full show of 21 (I had to check; I had the number 23 in my head). It's not like the 5 of 5 series where each song is played in order. That said, I presume the set for Underneath Accoustic Revisited will only feature the first three studio albums, but maybe with a couple of additions from the original DVD. I would be very surprised if Believe doesn't make the cut. Personally I am hoping for an official release (presuming the recording will go to DVD or audio download at the least) of Breaktown. I have made this request known via PM. :)

Underneath was my favourite album until Anthem came along.

Posted May 4, 2023   10:31:21 PM


Kalinka Santos / Charqueadas, RS, BR


We thankyou for all!!! Congrats for all this time as a band! Love U! 

Posted May 4, 2023   10:37:16 PM


Maria Dimakakou / Athens,N.Smirni, Attiki, GR

40 months and 80 songs... underneath is a great album.. can't wait for the live streaming 😍

Posted May 5, 2023   12:33:20 AM

So exciting Ted to come to Tulsa and be part of this moment in Hanson History ❤️🎼

Posted May 5, 2023   01:01:57 AM

I really thought we'd get more clarity on the EP song titles this week. Maybe it'll be in the podcast?

Posted May 5, 2023   06:58:04 AM


Chelsea Bowman / Georgetown, KY, US

Love this stacked albums poster so much! And another HTP episode today?! Yeeesss! That just makes my day. I can't believe we're headed to Tulsa in just 5 days!!! Eeek!

Posted May 5, 2023   08:30:33 AM


Adriane Adami / Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BR


Looking at this picture I can just realize how many EPs are missing in my collection and that I would love to buy them! 🥹 It would be awesome if you consider selling again the physical copies of the ones that are currently available for digital download only 🥹🙏🏻💙 Pleaseeee 💙

Posted May 5, 2023   11:09:21 AM


Amber Ganoe / Gardendale, AL, US

I wish cars still had CD players. :( I need this print to hang on my office wall at home!

Posted May 5, 2023   11:14:29 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle, Staffordshire, GB

This picture is the last 23 years of my life plus a few I missed at the start. I wasnt looking for new music, or a new 💖, or a distraction. I was dealing with ill health, mental anxiety, work overload, and a sense of disconnection, which Ive since learnt is just me. But into a somewhat sensitive space came the sound, the energy, the intention, drive, mischief, and humanity of you. You, as three, as one, as music, as story, as humour, as possibility, as something new. Nothing of man has ever refreshed me as you have. I regret nothing. I own every choice, every decision, every moment. I box to the ropes and even the punches do not make me take back my choice to be in the ring with you.

Every show, moment, song, line, album, mile, pound, smile, conversation, and lesson learnt are here and I thank you.

Posted May 5, 2023   12:32:39 PM

Oooo Would love this if it were in color (see what i did there?) 

Posted May 5, 2023   03:12:25 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

This collection of music is just beautiful thank you Hanson for the awesome times. Y'all are such an inspiration for many ( me included  ) 🥰 💛  God bless 

Posted May 6, 2023   12:49:12 PM


Kasia Frasik / Kraków, malopolska, PL

@ROBINBOND „Underneath was my favourite album until Anthem came along” - exactly the same!!!

Posted May 7, 2023   02:22:23 PM

I wanna have that poster so much as well! And as a print for shirts and...everything! Store's under maintenance...I'm so excited!🥰😊

And all my hugs to Tayzbeth! I wish I could find the words to express what I feel for 'em...you just put it totally right!!! ❤️💚🩵😘

Posted May 9, 2023   01:20:46 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle, Staffordshire, GB

Hi Reenchen, thanks and Im happy that my comments rang the right bells with you. 

Posted May 10, 2023   06:07:39 PM

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