HANSON: Happy Holidays and HANSON Days!

Dec 01, 2022 | HANSON

Welcome to December! It’s hard to believe this year is almost over, but I guess that is just what happens when you fill a year brim to brim with travel and music. 

This week, we are very happy to announce the dates for HANSON Day 2023 and the details for the HDay members exclusive hotel rooms. The full schedule of events, as well as event tickets will not be shared until early 2023, but we hope you will mark May 11th – 13th on your calendar, and make plans to join us in Tulsa. 

HANSON Day is such a special event for us. Every year we put our heads together in an effort to create amazing experiences that both bring us closer to you, but even more bring the whole Hanson.net community together. Live streaming events, Concerts, Art Galleries, Lectures, and a lot more have all been a part of HANSON Days past, and as we anticipate our 31st year of performing together, once again we are hoping to take HANSON Day to new levels. Thank you so much for being a part of this community!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac 


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Brittany Freeman / Harrisonburg, LA, US

Thanks, guys! I can’t wait to be back in Tulsa. 

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:31:57 PM


lea geldard / Woodkirk, West Yorkshire, GB

Amazing, cannot wait ❤️💚💙

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:32:01 PM


Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

Feels appropriate that I'm wearing my Already Home shirt today. Can't wait for the details!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:33:34 PM


Michelle Munier / Hubert, NC, US

Yay!!! Thank you guys so much!! Looking forward to my second attendance!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:33:58 PM


Grace Grutter / Rockford, MI, US


Hooray! I’ll be there! Can’t wait!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:37:20 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

4 2

So stoked, I hope I'll be able to go! 

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:38:32 PM


Kira Zeman / McFarland, Wisconsin, US

Yay!  I’ll be there!  

It was actually my Mom who told me “we’re coming back” before we even left Tulsa from Hanson Day this year.  😂🤣  I’m not going to argue with her on that one!

Thank you, looking forward to it and first, BTTI!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:39:39 PM

Yay!! I’ll be there with my best friends! I can’t wait!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:44:31 PM


Vanessa Cabintoy / Surrey, BC, CA

One day. 

I just got my Canadian passport so I wouldn't need a visa to travel to the US! Wooohooo! 🥳

Have fun y'all! ❤️💚💙

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:45:23 PM


Ryann Austin / Sacramento, Ca, US

1 3

Maybe my boyfriend and I are possibly going to Tulsa..

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:45:45 PM

See you then!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:45:59 PM


Lisa Conner / BROKEN ARROW, OK, US


I'll be there!!! Can't wait to see all my friends again!!!!!!! ❤️💚💙

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:46:19 PM

Yay! I can't wait!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:48:31 PM

*Happy Dance*


Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:48:35 PM

I'm so excited!!! This will be my first! (2020 would've been but we all know how that went🙄). I'm glad my educated guesses for time off requests were correct! 

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:49:11 PM


Laura Burton / SPRINGFIELD, Missouri, US

Work dates: blocked. Calendar: cleared. Hotel: ?  Gonna be our first time coming and I am SO pumped!  Thank you for bringing RGB to Springfield, MO and reigniting this working momma's passion for live music.  💙 my happy place 

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:53:44 PM

Looks like I'm going to Tulsa in May 🤷🏻‍♀️

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:57:32 PM

I hope I can make it again this year!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   05:59:01 PM


Posted Dec 1, 2022   06:01:46 PM


Megan Grantham / Wilmington, NC, US

Can we look forward to a hop jam as well ? Maybe 🤔 

Posted Dec 1, 2022   06:04:53 PM

Just one question. Is there hopes for Hop Jam next year? It'd be great to know that before the hotel rooms go up for sale.

Posted Dec 1, 2022   06:05:37 PM


Amanda Shambaugh / Ashland, OH, US


Posted Dec 1, 2022   06:06:57 PM


Tonie Montgomery / Puyallup, WA, US

13 3 2

Yay, excited!!!

Posted Dec 1, 2022   06:08:03 PM

yahim soexcited imbeggin my brother to takeme to ive havent been in 3 years oh no but its cause i got sick but my om mom pased to but thank u tay to ike zac to tay my hero man to freve to always to se u then yes i cant wait pray my dad gets more money to. go to.

Posted Dec 1, 2022   06:09:59 PM

 lk wil er ook bij zijn hopelijk kan ik dit regelen uit België  dat mijn droom uit kan komen  xxxx

Posted Dec 1, 2022   06:11:55 PM

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