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Sep 16, 2022 | HANSON

With the US/Canadian leg of the Red Green Blue tour officially complete, we just want to take a moment and say thank you to our amazing crew. This tour has been incredibly rewarding, but also rife with challenges. Border crossings, bus break downs, long days and late nights. Whatever speed bumps were thrown our way, you all took them in stride and pulled together to make every show happen no matter what we were up against. Get some rest, and we will see you all next week!
We are all off this week, back at our respective homes enjoying a little R&R. It feels really good to see all the familiar faces and places after months of travel, but this year is far from over. Next week we head down to Mexico to start our Latin American shows, but even if you are not able to join us in person, members can keep up with the tour through weekly videos from the road and new episodes of the HANSON Time Podcast posted every month. 
Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and joined us for a show these past few months. There are so many bands touring right now, we are incredibly grateful you would choose to share you night with us. We look forward to doing it all again soon. 
Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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Absolutely love following your journey. Enjoy your break with your families and loved ones. Well deserved. 🥰🥰🥰

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:02:45 PM

Have a very well deserved rest before the next adventure begins - so grateful that you take us along with you with all the pictures, videos and podcasts! 💕

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:03:21 PM


Lisa Conner / BROKEN ARROW, OK, US


We had a blast this summer! Enjoy your break, you deserve it! ❤️💚💙

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:04:30 PM


Jaime Souza / Kaneohe, HI, US


Thank you to you and your crew and your band and everyone else who made (and are continuing to make) this tour happen! I was in Phoenix for the concert and all of you guys (everyone involved) pulled everything together so quickly and put on such an amazing show. It was such a great night and I can't wait to do it again sometime! Thanks also to all the other Hanson.net fans at the shows who had a great time, too, supporting you guys and sharing our love of your music. Much love to you all!

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:05:30 PM

I got to see you all in Anaheim and Los Angeles.  It was a blast and I can't wait to do it again next time!  

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:13:47 PM


Maylynn Kish / Taylor, Pennsylvania, US


Time flies when you’re having fun. I enjoy following along through the weekly videos. Enjoy your much needed break. ❤️💚💙

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:21:52 PM


Amanda Turley / Layton, UT, US

I loved the show. It a top 5 highlight of my life. I had a blast in Salt Lake and didn’t want it to end. You guys are so amazingly talented, which you already know. But, I also love how you’re so humble. Love you guys, thanks for the best night ever!!! 🙌🏼

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:27:14 PM


Ella Gross / Bremen, Georgia, US


I was lucky enough to attend 3 shows this year. They were fantastic. 

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:29:14 PM


Noelia Mattia / Caba, Buenos Aires Argentina, AR

Cant wait yo see you guys #latinamerica #Argentina

Posted Sep 16, 2022   03:37:47 PM


Thank you for all your hard work, determination and talent! It was awesome seeing my first but def not the last show in Phoenix,  amazing pulling it altogether as you did despite the challenges and that is what sets you above other bands and why we fans appreciate all that you do. I had won my first meet and greet for Phoenix, sad it had to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control, so hopefully next time you all are in Phoenix get to finally meet you in person.

Posted Sep 16, 2022   04:32:17 PM


Grace Grutter / Rockford, MI, US


Thanks for all you did to bring JOY to your fans this tour so far! We know you’ve got to be exhausted. Loved getting the chance to meet and interview you all in Grand Rapids. Rest well ❤️

Posted Sep 16, 2022   04:42:46 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you have given this summer.Thank you so much for signing my RBG  cover your angels for that. You guys are so amazing I wish I could have seen more than 2 shows thank u for sticking through the bus from hell. I hope all is well with the bus and u guys don’t have anymore issues.really love the band the grand southern they are amazing love the song I’m so Fu##ed up over you one of my favorites. Anyhow thank you again & enjoy all the time spent with u families can’t wait for the next tour. ❤️‍🔥💚💙 4 ever 

Posted Sep 16, 2022   04:55:15 PM


ELSA HERREJON / Morelia, Michoacán, MX

Los esperamos con ansias! ❤️❤️❤️ I❤️hsn

Posted Sep 16, 2022   05:44:17 PM


Yulia Bogomolova / Wadhurst, East Sussex, GB

3 2

Enjoy your well-deserved rest and pamper yourselves! ♥️💚💙

With love, 

Hanson gig withdrawal sufferer

Posted Sep 16, 2022   05:49:55 PM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US

I’ll keep on coming back for more as long as my legs let me.

Posted Sep 16, 2022   06:06:39 PM


Vanessa Cabintoy / Surrey, BC, CA

Of course! We are your fanfriends, and friends support each other so we are here for you, we got your back! 😉

Thanks for making every concerts memorable for us. Thanks for all your hardwork, that no matter what comes your way, the show must always go on! 

You guys are the best, and we are so blessed to have you. 

Love you guys! ❤️💚💙

Posted Sep 16, 2022   07:25:02 PM

thank u hanson i mis u tay my hero to i hope more shows to rest well im your hero fan to

Posted Sep 16, 2022   07:43:06 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US

Enjoy your well deserved break guys. This tour has been amazing...Im go grateful I got to attend the last two shows of the US leg plus two other shows on the tour..next up. Jamaica. Cant wait to get back to the island ❤💚💙🍍

Posted Sep 16, 2022   07:46:54 PM


Fatima Curiel / Azusa, California, US

1 2

Enjoy your break, guys! I’m still not over the fact I saw you again and got to meet you for the first time. I hope to see you again! 

Posted Sep 16, 2022   07:56:11 PM


Until next time guys! Enjoy a very well deserved break!!

Posted Sep 16, 2022   08:41:18 PM


Lauren Woodard / Asheville, NC, US

Thank you for an amazing US leg! I had an absolute blast at the 4 shows I was fortunate to be at! You all made my summer so wonderful, can’t wait to see you again in May! ❤️💚💙

Posted Sep 16, 2022   08:59:01 PM


Bonnie Shrewsberry / Kimball, Mi, US

1 1

It was so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents ❤💚💙

Posted Sep 16, 2022   09:53:22 PM

Enjoy your time off. You guys deserve it!

Posted Sep 16, 2022   11:03:25 PM


Megan Judy / Hoquiam , Washington , US


This summer was the best summer I have had in 24 years, it brought me back to the first band I fell in love with, you guys are one of a kind. Heart and soul. I felt like I came home to friends, just through your music. Thank you for the Portland show, that show was so much MORE, than I can ever express. Red, Green, Blue ❤️💚💙 it's forever a lifestyle 

Posted Sep 16, 2022   11:07:41 PM


Carmelita Mariano / Sacramento, CA, US

Yes! Your entire crew is incredible! I've only been to one show this year, but I can tell that you put your all in every performance. I couldn't be more grateful to be apart of such an incredible tour.  It still feels like a dream. Enjoy all the rest you can, you guys deserve it. I'm so blessed to be a part of the Hanson community. Love you all!

Posted Sep 17, 2022   12:58:57 AM

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